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"All for All" For the right to be different and the elimination of all forms of discrimination in Tunisia (April-June)

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  • date_range Jul 01, 2020 - Jun 30, 2022
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All Points Anti-Discrimination are now part of the Observatory, except Terre d’Asile Tunisie. Some PADs finished the projects supported through MRG and stopped documenting cases, while others kept documenting cases and sending them to the coordinators of the poles managed by the Observatory. For instance, both Tunis and Sfax office of Damj are continuously documenting cases of discrimination. Furthermore, MRG received some cases of discrimination, who needed legal support, from other organisations such as Mawjoudin and Attalaki who are part of the Observatory. During these three months, MRG collected 52 cases of discrimination as follows : 3 based on skin colour and nationality (Sub-Saharan migrants), 2 based on race (Black Tunisians), 30 based on SOGIESC, 3 based on religion and belief and 2 intersectional cases of discrimination based on skin colour and SOGIESC. The Observatory’s coordinators collected 60 cases of discrimination in 10 governorates: Tunis, Sousse, Mahdia, Sfax, Medenine, Tataouine, Kef, Monastir, Sidi Bouzid and Gafsa. MRG’s activities: Between April and June 2021, MRG provided legal support to 10 persons (2 women victim of GBV, 2 women discriminated against based on FoRB, 3 cases based on SOGIESC, 3 cases of racial discrimination, of which 2 against black Tunisians and 1 against a person of Sub-Saharan origin). It is important to note that many cases were postponed due to Covid-19 and the slow proceedings of the Tunisian legal system. As part of our ongoing trainings to the lawyers of MRG’s clinic, we organised 3 sessions on ‘Non-Discrimination based on SOGIESC’. The first two sessions took place in Tunis on 26th-27th March and on 2nd-3rd April. The third one took place in Sousse on 28th-29th May. The lawyers reported that their knowledge on topics including LGBTQI+ related terminology, psychological support and communication with beneficiaries has improved, as well as their knowledge on national and international legal framework on SOGIESC issues+. The three training sessions were attended by 44 lawyers (33 women and 11 men), in addition to 10 representatives from civil society organisations working on the issue. The last session is postponed to September 2021 due to Covid-19 governmental measures. The communication officer of Tunisia presented MRG report analysing the cases of discrimination MRG collected in 2020 to the UN Independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on SOGI during his visit to Tunisia. The Expert referred to MRG report in his preliminary observations. In June 2021, MRG recruited a new Advocacy and Legal Support Officer to strengthen its legal work in Tunisia and support the CSOs implementing their advocacy strategies. MRG is currently recruiting an Evaluator to conduct an external evaluation for the EU funded project in Tunisia which ended recently. This evaluation will serve to strengthen the current project supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tunisia. We are also recruiting a candidate or a team to finalise the study on the impact of Covid-19 on minorities. After several delays, a semi-final draft of the baseline study has been finally received and reviewed and is expected to be published in August. O3DT’s Activities: Mobilization and sensitization campaign with O3DT components 6 mobilization workshops were held with the components of the O3DT with: Association 7ème dimension – Association ATAC – Association Muwatinet – Association Droit à la différence Kairouan – Association des études sur le genre, Sousse-Association Attalaki – Association Fnara – Association Citoyenneté et liberté – Association Merset - Renouvellement et appartenance-Fnara. During the workshops, representatives of the associations expressed the topics of campaigns they want to implement in the frame of their work with the O3DT. Every association in every region focused on themes related to the right to difference relevant to their region and organisation’s mandate. Retranscription of the campaigns annexed. Evaluation and capitalization of mini-projects Monitoring visits to association implementing O3DT mini (projects): 7ème dimension (Kasserine) – We Love Bizerte (Bizerte) – ATAC (Sidi Bouzid) – Association citoyenneté et libertés (Djerba)- Association Droit à la différence Kairouan. Online meetings with: Attalaki (Tunis) – ATCA (Gabes) – CUAM (Médenine) - Renouvellement & appartenance (Béja) – BYLHWEM (Tunis) – Radiocean (Tunis) - Ligue de droits économiques et politiques de la femme-(Jendouba). Outputs/products of the projects supported by O3DT: Awareness raising cinematic video by Attalaki: Inauguration of the anti-discrimination space in Regueb, Sidi bouzid by Association ATAC: Presentation of a policy brief and recommendations to fight gender based discrimination and violence by Association Renouvellement et Appartenance: Link Inclusive artistic workshop with elementary school children tackling the right to difference by 7ème dimension: Closing of the project “My difference, my identity” by WeLoveBizerte Release of the book “Tousuniques, tousdifférents, touségaux” elaborated by children. Project by ATDDE Closing of the project “Le droit à la différence, source d’enrichissement » by Association Citoyenneté et libertés : Release of the mini documentary about Amazigh culture in the south"تتشاف - ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵔⴻⵟ"by Radiocean : Official meetings and international advocacy Participation of the O3DT in the meeting with The UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, Mr. Victor Madrigal Borloz on June, 8, 2021. Participation of the O3DT in the workshop on the collective writing of the alternative CEDAW report with EuroMed Rights, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Mawjoudin (We Exist) on June, 19 and 20, May 2021. ToRs and recruitment Release of an internal ToR to hire a consultant specialized in data analysis to analyze and interpret discrimination cases collected by the O3DT between July (2020 and End of June (2021). Newsletters Release of 3 Newsletters regrouping O3DT’s and partners’ work and news. Identification meetings LTDH Sfax : April, 5 Association SOUTCOM- Gabes : May ; 20 Ligue des droits politiques et sociaux de la femme-Bizerte : May, 28 L'Organisation tunisienne de la défense des droits des personnes handicapées-Regional Bureau of Kasserine : June, 29 O3DT updates New Organizations in O3DT : Association SOUTCOM-Gabès L'Organisation tunisienne de la défense des droits des personnes handicapées-Regional Bureau of Kasserine Organization not part of O3DT anymore: ATCA excluded because of racist discourse.

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