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"All4All" October-December 2020

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-282305-All4All

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  • date_range Oct 01, 2020
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Update on MRG’s activities within the ‘All4All’ project The PADs continued collecting cases of discrimination between October and December and the team also received the cases collected through the Observatory. During these three months, we (PAD and O3DT) collected a total of 156 cases, which they can be grouped as follows: 105 based on SOGIE, 32on the basis of nationality and skin colour (Sub-Saharan migrants), 6 on the basis of skin colour (Black Tunisians), 10 based on disabilities and 3 cases of intersectional discrimination (skin colour and SOGIE). Most of these cases were collected in Tunis (81) followed by the Sahel (22). Our lawyers provided legal support to 41 persons between October and December 2020, including legal consultancies and defence in hearings. For instance, we supported 2 cases where black women were victims of racial assault, 1 case of discrimination based on freedom of religion and belief, 2 cases defending 5 people with disabilities, 6 legal consultancy and 1 case of discrimination against 18 Sub-Saharans and 6 cases defending 15 persons based on SOGIE. As part of our continuous support to the lawyers of the clinic, and in light of the role that lawyers play to strengthen our advocacy efforts, MRG organised an online meeting with lawyers to debate the challenges related to the implementation of law 50-2018 and how to address them. Highlighting the importance of these activities, meetings on a variety of topics will be held regularly with the lawyers to support our legal and advocacy efforts. Furthermore, our team holds regular meetings and follow-ups with the CSOs in charge of implementing the advocacy projects that were selected in the previous reporting period to guide them in their projects. In November, a Communication Officer and a Programmes Assistant joined MRG to support our work in Tunisia. In November, we also recruited a team of 2 consultants to conduct a baseline study on the situation of minorities in Tunisia. A group of 3 consultants was commissioned in December to conduct a research on the impact of Covid-19 on minorities and other marginalized groups in Tunisia. In late December, we launched a call to recruit 2 tutors for the Arabic and French versions of the free online journalists’ training on ‘Non-Discrimination and Diversity in the Media’. We are also receiving applications from candidates to participate in both Arabic and French version of the training. Since the beginning of “All for All” in July, our Facebook page “Points Anti-Discrimination” gained 500 new likes which led to more public engagement with our posts.

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