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Disability Data Global Mapping and Assessment

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-218186-300530-102

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  • date_range Feb 01, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018
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The objective of the project is the creation of a centralised online open source of information relating to disability by country, using data generated by governments and other actors, and preparation of an initial summary / analysis of global disability statistics for DFID’s Disability Summit in July 2018. The three main components of the Disability Data Global Mapping and Assessment project are: 1. Research: • Identify and review latest key statistics (in consultation with DFID) in a defined number of domains – (health, education, employment, etc.) and demographics (age, sex, geography – urban/rural) by country; • Identify other non-governmental sources of data on disability. 2. Online portal development • Create a comprehensive accessible web platform that will bring all relevant data together, with particular emphasis on review of prevalence data and key outcome indicators allowing disaggregation from National Statistics Offices (NSOs) on key disability indicators – concentrating on censuses, and nationally representative surveys. 3. Data analysis and dissemination • Review online data with particular focus on data relevant to SDG indicators • Working – in consultation with DFID – On developing a plan for the sustainability of the portal that would be established through DFID’s funding Jan-June 2018.Develop and publish a report with key findings based on an initial analysis and summary of global disability statistics to share at the DFID Disability Summit. • The current project will be run with the objective of compiling a viable website that can be presented as a product at the upcoming DFID Summit in July. In the coming months, LCD will explore opportunities for longer term funding for the project that would allow it to continue beyond the Sept 2018.

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