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Preventing plastics from reaching the ocean by creating and supporting job and business creation for unemployed youth in Douala, Cameroon

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-1160263-GB-CHC-1160263-D848-LP

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  • date_range Jan 27, 2020
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Tonnage of plastic waste collected for recycling. Tonnage of plastic remaining after sorting to be used for recycled products. Square metres of products sold. Numbers of people trained in waste collection, management and business (disaggregated by age, sex, and disability). Number of people working (receiving remuneration) in the waste recyling industry. Douala City Council is supportive of the community recycling programme. Number and percentage of markets in Village participating in the recycling scheme. Number and percentage of appropriate businesses in Village participating in the recycling scheme (supermarkets and wholesalers with high plastic waste)

  • Waste management/disposal

Participating Organisations

UK - Department for International Development (DFID) Government Funding
MannionDaniels Private Sector Accountable
WasteAid UK International NGO Implementing


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99,119 USD
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    date_range Jan 27, 2020 - Jan 26, 2021
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