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Driving transparency and green transition in China’s financial market.

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-1122330-BEIS-CAREprj575

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  • date_range Sep 15, 2022 - Mar 31, 2023
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7. Project objectives: a. Increase capacity of listed companies in disclosure, built and aligned with TCFD recommendations and the upcoming ISSB standards. b. Enhance financial institutions' capability in climate-related information disclosure, especially in calculating and reporting Scope 3 investment emissions. Support the Chinese government in formulating mandatory environmental information disclosure regulations. 8. Project activities: a. Providing technical support to national policymakers (3times, September, December, and March). b. Training session for Chinese listed companies covering TCFD, ISSB and biodiversity disclosure (before January 2023). c. Launch event for phase two of UK-China environmental information disclosure working group and workshop, and general leadership of the group (January 2023). d. Report on the best international disclosure practices (by February 2023). e. Meetings with financial institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and the Greater Bay Area to introduce PCAF methodology and CDP datasets (October, December and March).

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