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Humanitarian WASH for Sittwe Township

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  • date_range Sep 01, 2017
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

OXSI has been implementing the WASH programme in Sittwe since September 2017. Prior to 2017, Oxfam and SI were partners in the framework of a larger Consortium focused mainly on service delivery of humanitarian aid. This project applied traditional top-down approaches, where there was very little involvement of target populations in identifying needs and modalities to address them. In contrast, the OXSI WASH programme focuses on resilience, sustainability and localisation through community engagement and ownership of WASH services. OXSI has also had a significant impact on increasing access to safe and inclusive WASH services through adaptive and innovative programming that is led by, and responsive to, community needs. In addition, concerted efforts towards localisation, as well as improved approaches towards construction and maintenance, has led to more efficient use of resources resulting in increased overall value for money. OXSI’s long-term vision is for socially cohesive, peaceful and healthy communities with increased power and agency, freedom to enjoy their rights, and equal access to opportunities and services. During the cost extension period, OXSI proposes to focus on empowering communities, localisation of services and addressing the human rights crisis in Rakhine. Specifically, the programme goal is that: In 2022, communities have increased power and agency, access to and involvement in managing inclusive WASH services and are engaged in efforts to increase the accountability of duty-bearers. The theory of change (see 4.5) sees WASH services as a basic right and an essential need of communities; as well as an opportunity to empower communities through increased voice, agency and leadership of initiatives that support increased self-reliance and wellbeing. The proposed approach for 2021 maintains the strength of the existing programme, except for some components that cannot be continued in 2021 due to budget limitations. Oxfam and SI are in discussion to identify potential funding opportunities to fill the budget gap aiming at an integrated programming

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