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Jobs-Skills-Employment (JSE) Program

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  • date_range Feb 01, 2021
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Triggerise plans to contribute to reducing youth unemployment in Addis Ababa and Bahirdar by using our platform to connect tentative target of 1,250 users to employment skills, relevant training and/or experience, and ultimately to employment. We will primarily target unemployed urban youth aged 15-24 who have completed at least secondary school level education, reside in Addis Ababa or Bahir Dar, and are neither in education nor training. Focussing on this target group will allow us to identify users most likely to qualify for TVET courses and job experience training. This will also provide us with a means of prioritizing in the likely scenario that demand for training, skills development, education, and employment opportunities outpaces supply.

  • Employment creation

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Triggerise Ethiopia International NGO Implementing


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698,417 USD
  • 599,937 EUR (Valued at Nov 01, 2020)
    date_range Nov 01, 2020 - Jul 31, 2021
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