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Humanitarian Action

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  • date_range Mar 01, 2010 - Mar 31, 2019
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Women and girls, people with specific needs, and other vulnerable individuals and communities are more resilient to shocks, and when they do strike, have more equitable access to adequate levels of safe, timely, appropriate, and effective humanitarian assistance that address their particular needs and priorities, allowing them to live in dignity.

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Participating Organisations

united nations world food programme Government Funding
united nations development programm Government Funding
united nations children's fund Government Funding
echo Government Funding
deutsche gesellschaft fuer Government Funding
comision europea Government Funding
agencia espanola de cooperacion Government Funding
oxfam novib International NGO Funding
oxfam ireland International NGO Funding
oxfam hong kong International NGO Funding
oxfam great britain International NGO Funding
oxfam deutschland International NGO Funding
emergencias oxfam intermon Private Sector Funding
oxfam intermon International NGO Accountable
oxfam great britain International NGO Implementing


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