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COVID-19 Health Preparedness & Response in South Sudan

IATI Identifier: XI-BRIDGE-MdMSpain-812277111
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  • date_range Jul 10, 2020
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In the "Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response", WHO defined 8 main Pillars to adapt Countries response to COVID-19. MdM will focus on three: 2) Risk Communication and Community Engagement; 6) Infection Prevention and Control; and 7) Case Management. MdM will use its current interventions areas in South Sudan as a basis: Jonglei State – Bor South, Duk and Twic East Counties. In accordance with The Grand Bargain Goal 6 (Participation Revolution), the project will incorporate and encourage the active participation of affected communities in implementation. Affected populations will be targeted for awareness raising, information and education on risk mitigation. They will be encouraged to organise to lead a local response to the pandemic with MdM’s support. Community engagement is essential to the objectives of this project and will be done by collaborating with local stakeholders with whom MdM already has established relationships. MdM will support a total of 29 healthcare facilities in IPC measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, also technical guidance on IPC Protocols. This will be accomplished through IPC risk assessments, staff training, provision of IPC equipment including PPE (personal protective equipment) and basic WASH equipment in all levels of health facilities in the intervention. In response to case management of COVID-19, this project will strengthen referral systems of patients from communities to the appropriate healthcare facility level. It will also support establishment of isolation wards for severe cases of COVID-19 in secondary level facilities and minor rehabilitations for other health facilities to administer essential level of healthcare. This project will also maintain the provision of and access to essential healthcare services for affected populations, including SRH, MHPSS and GBV response services. These measures will take place both at the healthcare facility level and through Mobile Medical Units to access remote hard to reach locations. MdM is committed to reinforcing the health system while also preparing health workers and communities for COVID-19. Current MHPSS activities delivered through trained MHPSS Focal Points will continue to be implemented as well as adapted for COVID-19. Additionally, referrals on GBV survivors and other vulnerable target groups will be strengthened to receive healthcare services and psychological support. MdM will work through its implementation team on the ground, as well as local partners already collaborating on ongoing projects.

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