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Kenya Energy Programme

IATI Identifier: DK-CVR-40781218-DAPEAKEEG
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  • date_range Jan 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2021
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

We aim for a situation where green technologies and improved framework conditions for renewable energy contribute to sustainable development and improved human wellbeing in the Coastal Kenya Region and in Kenya in general. In terms of energy, Kenya is still largely considered as energy poor according to the World Energy Outlook reports. The predominant fuels for lighting and cooking are kerosene and firewood respectively. These fuels have serious environmental challenges in terms of pollution and forest degradation. 44 percent of Kenyan households use kerosene as the main source of lighting, while 57 percent use collected firewood as the main source of cooking. Over and above the environmental challenges the exposure to smoke from cooking and other indoor air pollution, principally among women and children, is a bigger killer than malaria or tuberculosis. This energy poverty is more evident at the coast. WWF expect to contribute to the following outcomes i) Partner CSOs/ CBOs/ coalitions and platforms within the marine and energy sectors have been strengthened and consolidated to analyze, monitor and advocate for sustainable use and management of natural resources. ii) WWF and partners are engaging more effectively and play a larger role in decision making in policy dialogues within marine and energy sectors especially regarding access to and production of renewable energy at both national and county level iii) Increased equity and rights for young and adult women and men in decision making regarding use and management of natural resources in the energy and marine sectors.

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