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Empowerment and capacity development of the Value Chain operators

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  • date_range Jun 30, 2020
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Around Notsé, 5 communities (around 100 farmers) are now supported by exporter Solaris to (re)strart pineapple growing on small parcels. The baseline level was zero so an shift from the baseline level is the highest impact. Most pineapples are sold to local organic processor Jus Delice, a lesser quantity is exported (e.g EOSTA). Processing is a steady income and export proposes better prices. OM4D will be working on sea frighted exports with Zio Coop, as farmers are already certified organic fair trade. The products are to be sold to Jus Delice. The target here is that 50% of pineapples are exported to fair trade organic market in the UK, while the rest will be sent to local organic processing markets. The objective is also to make sure that the value chain is carbon neutral, and environment friendly.

  • Agricultural development

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Netherlands - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding
IFOAM - Organics International International NGO Accountable
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