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Implementation of consumer campaigns, promotion at farmers' markets, leaflets, media

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Consumer awareness activities are planned to take place primarily once PGS-verified products are available. Nevertheless some activities are already starting in some countries. In Ghana, the PGS advisor organised a booth to present the PGS and OM4D at the 1st Agribusiness Fair & Conference in West Africa, Upper West Ghana on 14 and 15 March 2019. Also an article about organic and PGS has been written by the OM4D communicator and published in the Business and Financial Times Newspaper. In Togo the local team made a presentation of organic agriculture and PGS at SIALO (Salon International de l’Agriculture et de l’Agroalimentaire) on 9 October in Lomé. In addition the PGS advisor attended 2 meetings (October and November) of a newly founded consumers association in Togo (Synergies pour la souveraineté alimentaire et la consommation locale au Togo (SSACLOT), where he presented PGS. In Sao Tomé and Príncipe the local OM4D team participated in the annual national agricultural fair on 30 September 2019 with a stand about the project showcasing the PGS initiative. Flyers were distributed, policy makers visited the stand and one member of the local OM4D team was interviewed by the local media covering the event. Consumers were targeted in two ways: provision of information on PGS (what it is, the STP PGS initiative, benefits for the local market) and collection of data for assessment of consumer awareness. In Burkina Faso the CNABio team develops numerous communication activities as part of their regular work: radio spots, social media communication, the organisation of a yearly fair, regional and local seminars etc.

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