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1.4.1. Selection and preparation of participants for regional conferences and 1.4.2. Participation to conferences

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  • date_range Feb 11, 2018
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The first Biofach participation of the project took place already in 2018, where both the IFOAM – Organics International booth and the African Pavilion hosted a display of products coming from the four project countries, as well as OM4D information material. During September and October 2018, a selection process was organised in order to determine the most suitable OM4D participants to the African Organic Conference in Senegal in November 2018. The participation to the conference had various objectives: to allow the project team members coming from the four countries to get an overview on the developments in the other project countries, to exchange their experience on the aspects related to the implementation of the project activities in the various national contexts, to present the project and its objectives to the other participants and to build synergies with other similar initiatives. The OM4D delegation reunited a total of 11 members coming from the 4 project countries, also accompanied by the project manager. The second BioFach participation also took place in February 2019, with products from the project countries being displayed and an internet entry on the project being set up within the BioFach website. The project team also contributed to the preparation of the West African Organic Conference 2019 in Accra in November 2019, where the local teams were reunited and had productive exchanges on the project activities.

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