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4.3.2. Develop content for advocacy activities and plan actions with partners, based on experiences with M4P and PGS initiatives and from the project

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This is an ongoing activity that will be influenced by the identified PGS initiatives, local partners and M4P approaches developed within the project outputs. The advocacy team also took part to the M4P training that was organised within activity 3.1.3. in order to get a better understanding of the M4P methodology. At the same time, interviews were made with a wide range of organisations to explore successful initiatives for M4P and PGS in the African context to be showcased to policy makers. Messages are to be developed aligned with the national advocacy plans and as project activities unfold. A brochure on organic agriculture and family farming was produced to be used at the launch event for the Decade of Family Farming in May 2019 and the preparatory conference in March. Together with FiBL, we have been developing messages based on their research looking at the viability of organic farming in comparison with conventional agriculture in various African countries including Ghana. Preliminary data show that organic production, done right, can be a powerful contributor to lifting people out of poverty. These messages are meant to be spread at international and regional events as well as through national and regional media channels. Communications on all fronts can only start once the results are published in a scientific journal, foreseen for early 2020.

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