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  • date_range Apr 02, 2018
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Ghana: A national organic standard was developed in the framework of PGS Ghana with technical support by IFOAM - Organics International and based on the East African Organic Products Standard. Some revisions are expected after the first year of usage of the standard and it is foreseen to carry out an FoS assessment of the Standard in 2020/2021 to ensure that the standard follows all objectives and requirements of organic standards. The recognition of national standards like the Ghana Organic Standard in the FoS helps countries to accept each others standards/products and carry out regional trade of organic products. Togo: Several local organic initiatives that are looking into adopting PGS in Togo have had participatory discussion on organic standard based on the East African Organic Standard which they adapted to fit the local conditions. It is foreseen to carry out joint workshops to consolidate the initiatives into having at least a common standard and a common logo. Once a common Standard is available and applied a FoS assessment can be carried out. STP: The IFOAM Standard has been partly translated by the PGS initiative in the country, but there is currently no discussion about adopting regional standards. In the framework of CPLP there is interest in developing regional (inter-CPLP countries) trade of produce from small farmers, adopting agricultural practices based on agroecology. Burkina Faso: COROS evaluation of the CNABio standard was done. The process of FoS approval is still under way as feedback is pending from CNABio.

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