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2.1.1. Identifying existing PGS initiatives in each country

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  • date_range Jan 07, 2018
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This activity aims at identifying various existing PGS initiatives in the 4 project countries. After delivering the initial PGS workshops and hiring the local PGS advisors, the identification of local initiatives that could be suitable for PGS started. PGS advisors visited local initiatives in the project countries and made recommendations on which of these initiatives should be further supported. The IFOAM - Organics International PGS team is currently in the process of selection of local initiatives. A set of evaluation criteria was developed, with the following types of information being assessed: production base, existing market potential, technical and administrative support, previous experience with standards and/or certification and the necessity of establishing a PGS. A total of 34 PGS initiatives was visited in the project countries, and a selection of the most promising ones was conducted. These initiatives were further developed in project year 2, and concrete steps to build the PGS and develop tools and processes will continue to be produced based on the particular situation of the different initiatives. Some of the most promising initiatives identified are CFAPE, Tropi-Techno and Biodream in Togo, ZOVFA and COSEREC in Ghana and two groups involved already in organic cooperatives in STP, together with Amparo II group, equally supported by the local NGO ADAPPA.

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