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IATI Identifier: DE-COA-HRB726528-EForARD2005

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  • date_range Nov 04, 2019
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Fosera develops and produces solar home systems. Through this activity, Fosera is well integrated in the offgrid solar market and has an established, reliable network of customers, partners and repair centers. The implementation and market launch of a Peltier cooler based on this R&D project would benefit people worldwide with no access to cooling. With low-cost Peltier technology and PAYG integration, Fosera wants to make Cooling affordable even to low income families in rural areas. The main beneficiaries of this innovation are women and children, who are traditionally responsible for the procurement and preparation of food. In addition to this, money can be saved by using a Peltier cooler, as it is estimated that a quarter less food has to be thrown away due to the absence of cooling. After successful completion of the field tests and the final improvements of the prototype, the product will be brought to production and sold over the already existing sales and distribution network to customers worldwide. Fosera´s own ISO certified (9001 Quality; 14000 Environment; 45001 Occupational health & safety) production facility in Thailand is able to convert new innovations and prototypes quickly and reliably into highquality mass production. Since we are constantly in direct exchange with our local sales partners, we know how urgently a costeffective cooling solution is expected on the market and expect within the first year, sales of 2,000 units, scaling up to roughly 5,000 units within 2 – 3 years. Nevertheless, several important learnings could be made during this project and can be further used on within the work on the Peltier cooler: - Experience with PCM inside coolers - Load shedding and dynamic load management - Communication protocol (patent pending) between loads and solar home systems

  • Solar energy for isolated grids and standalone systems

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