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Capacity Building for Investors and Commodity Producers to Effectively Mitigate Social and Land Tenure Risk

IATI Identifier: CH-FDJP-CHE251665168-DFID-204252-135

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  • date_range Oct 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2021
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This project will organise and deliver two training initiatives aimed at ensuring that investment projects in emerging markets and commodity producers in Africa have improved capacity to prevent and manage social and land tenure risks, thus contributing to increased respect for human rights and local land rights in commodity-producing developing economies. The project’s ‘Investor Training on Social Risk Mitigation’ will be given to leading investment institutions in Africa, Asia, the US, and Europe to increase their awareness of the high liabilities associated with insufficient social due diligence and to motivate them to implement best practices for utilising existing resources for mitigating social and land tenure risk. The Investor Training program will be piloted with leading financial institutions and then deployed at scale through an online version of the course. The project’s ‘Africa Training Programme for Social Managers’ will organise a 10-month course that will prepare 15-20 professionals from high-risk commodity producing regions to serve in companies in Central, West and East Africa as Social Managers capable of building corporate social programs and leading effective stakeholder engagement on land tenure and other social risks.

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