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Maji Ya Amani: Operationalizing the Theory of Change (TOC) for the Great Lakes Region Integrated Water and Food Security Program

IATI Identifier: BE-GTCF-0453475391-MajiYaAmani

Published on IATI
  • date_range May 01, 2017 - Feb 28, 2021
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), in collaboration with its consortium partners Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and ZOA, proposes to operationalize the Theory of Change of the Great Lakes Region Water and Food Security project through the “Maji ya Amani” program. The program adopts an integrated approach to reducing conflict between competing ethnic groups and increasing stability in the Ruzizi Plain through increased and more equitable access to land and water for household and agricultural use, and improved governance around the management of these resources. The proposed intervention primarily targets the Luberizi groupement of the Ruzizi Plain, because this area offers the greatest potential for increased agricultural production and ample water resources and is at the center of a violent conflict between the two major ethnic groups in the Plain. The planned intervention will benefit an estimated 28,800 people.

  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution

Participating Organisations

International Rescue Committee, The International NGO Funding
Kingdom of the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding
Search for Common Ground (SFCG) International NGO Implementing
ZOA International NGO Implementing


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