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Promotion of Pro Bono - Mobilising lawyers to defend the rights of Ugandans

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  • date_range Aug 01, 2012 - Jul 31, 2014
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The provision of lawyers’ free legal aid services to people who are not able to pay for it is merely in its infancy in Uganda. Although the “Advocates Act” was amended in 2002 so that all registered lawyers have an obligation to provide free legal aid services, it was not until August 2009 that this law and this requirement became a reality on the ground. The profession is now at a crucial stage in this regard, inasmuch as the Law Council and the Uganda Law Society have joined forces to put pressure on the legal profession so that it meets its obligations. The ULS is working on Pro Bono programme covering the whole country, but it lacks the human resources and organisational tools to manage the programme in a way that would guarantee its success. ASF considers it vital to support this programme and to increase its links with other legal aid service providers so as to ensure that the Ugandan model can serve as an example to governments and legal professionals. Activities of the project: - Promotion of lawyers’ commitment to pro bono legal work, setting up collaboration between those involved in legal aid. - Launching a pilot programme of pro bono legal services in the Central Region’s courts (establishment of offices). - Training lawyers on the topic of intervention and on mediation techniques. - Establishment of systems for monitoring and evaluating legal aid by the ULS. - Advocating the development and effective implementation of laws and national policies which protect the rights of vulnerable people (by publishing studies and supporting strategic litigation).;

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Participating Organisations

Avocats Sans Frontières National NGO Accountable
Avocats Sans Frontières National NGO Implementing
Uganda Law Society (ULS) Private Sector Implementing
Belgian Development Cooperation Government Funding


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