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Operational Studies to Validate and Accelerate Uptake of Point-of-Care CD4 Counters

IATI Identifier: XM-DAC-30010-utd-daktari_poc
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  • date_range Dec 06, 2013 - Dec 06, 2016
  • autorenew Closed (Status)

The projectc aims to support the introduction of a novel point-of-care CD4 diagnostic to the market in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South-east Asia at affordable prices.  This will be done through clinical validation of the Daktari CD4 system; enhancing manufacturing capacity development; and conducting operational studies for regulatory approval. (The product is a battery-powered, point-of-care CD4 testing system, which will provide a CD4 cell count result in less than 12 minutes from a finger stick of blood)


Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Daktari Private Sector Implementing


Transaction Value Provider Receiver Type Date
-608,741 USD (Valued at Dec 10, 2015) circle Unitaid circle Daktari Disbursement date_rangeDec 10, 2015
1,208,252 USD (Valued at Feb 05, 2014) circle Unitaid circle Daktari Disbursement date_rangeFeb 05, 2014
2,687,000 USD (Valued at Dec 06, 2013) circle Unitaid circle Daktari Commitment date_rangeDec 06, 2013


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