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2016 CD136 Care and education for refugee children and children affected conflict

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-CD136

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  • date_range May 01, 2016 - Apr 30, 2017
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Conflict and Consequences <p></p> 4 communities in Kalehe face periodic attacks by armed groups and are hosting thousands of IDPs fleeing the Hauts Plateaux. In Fizi territory, UNHCR reports that 20,285 Burundi nationals have sought asylum in DRC following violence and persecution triggered by the decision of Burundi President to seek another presidential term. Most Burundi refugees fleeing the crisis are hosted in Lusenda refugee camp. <p></p> Boys and girls are economically and sexually exploited, do not go to school, with boys facing the risk of recruitment in armed groups operating in the area. Lusenda refugee camp, on the other hand, hosts 3,426 girls and 3,541 boys, with those out of school similarly facing the risk of abuse, violence and exploitation, including recruitment into armed groups. <p></p> Project Target<p></p> Main objective: To Increase resilience and psychosocial well being of refugee, displaced and host community children affected by conflict and displacement in Fizi and Kalehe territories of the South Kivu province, DRC Project Design<p></p> 1. Increase the resilience of children affected by conflict or displacement and reinforce children’s, families’ and community based child protection mechanisms’ knowledge, skills and capacity to take action to identify, prevent and respond to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect of children<p></p> 2. Safe, accessible and effective community based child protection mechanisms preventing and responding to risks of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children between 3 to 18 years in Fizi and Kalehe territories<p></p> 3. Boys and girls between the ages of 5 18 years out of school or facing the risks of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect access quality and relevant formal and non formal primary education or psychosocial support<p></p> 4. Parents, professionals in contact with children and community members have the knowledge and skills to provide the necessary care, protection and child friendly services to children and young people affected by conflict<p></p> 5. Actors working in the humanitarian sector in South Kivu mainstream child protection principles in their activities and have access to tools to support them<p></p> Project Activities<p></p> With Children/ Youth<p></p> Establishment of 5 child friendly spaces and one youth centre where children and adolescents can participate in structured play, creative and recreational activities<p></p> The provision of psychosocial support particularly for children/adolescents with specific protection concerns (unaccompanied/separated minors, adolescent children out of the school system, children previously associated with armed groups, etc.) with an objective of reducing their vulnerability to potential or existing threats to their protection<p></p> Improve access to quality and relevant education will play an effective role in protecting children against being recruited into an armed groups<p></p> Provision of interim care pending the search for durable solutions, including family reunification Organise out reach activities to reach vulnerable groups of children<p></p> Support children and adolescent boys and girls to organise and participate in cultural and sport and play activities at the centre, as well as the organisation of intra community and host community cultural and sports events<p></p> Support youth in establishing creative media and information activities<p></p> With Parents<p></p> Strengthen caregivers' knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care to children and keep them safe from harm. Parents will be engaged in activities and discussions to support them to adopt behaviors and practices that minimize risks and vulnerabilities of children. <p></p> Provide life skills education and parenting skills to parents and caregivers in the community With Community<p></p> Strengthening community based child protection structures, with the objective of ensuring that communities, including children, young persons, parents, professionals in contact with children, community leaders, etc., have the skills, knowledge and capacity to enhance positive child protection coping mechanisms; and to identity, develop and implement community based child protection risks reduction plans. <p></p> Where no such structures or mechanisms exist, actors will be identified that can play this role, in collaboration with children and the wider community, with these actors being trained and supported to actively take on the role of preventing and responding to all forms of abuse and exploitation of children. Once in place, the community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs) will be supported to collaborate with children in developing and implementing community based child protection risk reduction plans that mainstream, age, gender and diversity<p></p> Train and support professionals in contact with children (teachers, health professionals, police officers, legal advisors, social service professionals, community workers) to adopt child friendly approaches and child safety measures<p></p> Organise awareness raising initiatives for community members on relevant child protection issues With State Actors<p></p> War Child will collaborate closely with state officials charged with camp management (CNR), engaging them in ensuring the protection and care of refugee children, as well as their access to education. <p></p>

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