Freedom of Religion and Belief - Indonesia

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The activities in Indonesia are implemented by four partners: Fahmina, Mosintuwu, Imparsial and Interfidei.

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Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Mensen met een Missie Foundation Funding
Fahmina - Since its establishment in 2000, Fahmina has focused on issues of pluralism, religious freedom and the protection of minorities. From 2007 to 2009, Fahmina facilitated the establishment of a network of organisations that focused on monitoring of and advocacy for the freedom of religion and belief in West Java. Fahmina is connected to many organisations and institutions both locally and nationally that work on religious freedom. Through its network, Fahmina is sharing experiences to increase its capacities and increase the effectiveness of its activities. Implementing
Mosintuwu - Since its inception in 2009, the Mosintuwu Institute is working for religious tolerance and women emancipation in in the post-conflict region of Poso. The Women school is one of the core activities of Mosintuwu Institute. The aim is to dismantle prejudice and trauma amongst women from different religious and ethnic background and to build self-trust in women who have been victims of the conflict in Poso. After graduation, many women have become facilitators for next batches or leaders in local communities. Implementing
Imparsial - Imparsial is a human rights organisation based in Jakarta (national level organisation) that focuses on the role of security actors (military, police and intelligence) related to human rights, including pluralism and religious tolerance, for example by monitoring whether the security actors protect or attack pluralism and religious tolerance. Imparsial conducts research, lobby and public advocacy to support pluralism and religious tolerance. Implementing
Interfidei - Interfidei was established in 1991, and existed during five different Presidential governments. It was the first interfaith NGO in Indonesia, and is working together with many different stakeholders, like other NGOs, universities, school, religious institutions and leaders, journalists and government authorities. Educating and developing the National Interfaith Network is one of Interfidei’s main activities. This network has developed very well and has a strong positive influence in society. Implementing


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