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Share-Net International

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-33185213-SNI-10201-2404
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  • date_range Jan 01, 2020
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Share-Net International (SNI), the knowledge platform on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), combines the expertise and strengths of development organisations, Southern partners and key international actors in the field of SRHR to achieve the SRHR and HIV related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Membership includes universities, knowledge institutes, development organisations, civil society organisations, media outlets, students and individual experts in the field of SRHR. The Platform encompasses national knowledge networks in four countries: Bangladesh, Burundi, Jordan and the Netherlands. These networks serve as conduits for situation assessments, defining research priorities, facilitating research participation by country institutions and hosting the local knowledge base/platform. They stimulate the participation of key international partners and regional and national SRHR actors. SNI aims to strengthen linkages between research, policy and practice through sharing, generating, translating and promoting the use of knowledge for the development of better policies and practices in SRHR. The main services of SNI and its country hubs include • Meetings, discussions, (de-)briefings: SNI organises a diverse range of meetings focused around relevant topics or give (de-)briefings of global happenings. Furthermore, SNI coordinates activities planned or initiated by members. • Communities of Practice are at the heart of SNI and operate in each country hub, are context specific and create common ground for members while engaging in dialogues and activities. Under this networking outcome, SNI acts as a matchmaker; promoting interactions between the members of the CoPs and encouraging them to share knowledge which facilitates learning and ultimately, using this knowledge to improve policy and practice. • Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model promotes knowledge exchange between the country hubs, aiming to o Improve understanding of which knowledge translation strategies contribute to change in SRHR policy or practice in the specific context of each country hub. o Develop the capacity of the participating staff in the hubs for knowledge management and brokering o Facilitate learning, collaboration and exchange between country hubs. • SNI Co-Creation Conference aims at translating knowledge into products that allow SNI members and other participants to improve policy and practice on selected SRHR themes. Next to the development of these knowledge products, the Co-Creation Conference promotes uptake of knowledge in SRHR programmes, policies and practice through the development and presentation of narrative reviews and evidence briefs on the selected topics. • Online activities (website, newsletters) share relevant knowledge and resources on SRHR with the wider public making SRHR information accessible to all.

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