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Two-day Workshop to Validate Results of Assessment of State’s Policies and Legislations in Zamfara State

IATI Identifier: NG-CAC-495140-Two-day Workshop to Validate Results of Assessment of State’s Policies and Legislations in Zamfara State

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  • date_range Aug 24, 2017
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The meeting in Zamfara State held on the 24th August, 2017 at Gusau, the State Capital with about 60 participants drawn from the MDAs, Academia, CSOs/NGOs, and Religious Leaders in attendance. Two presentations were made at the workshop. The first gave the overview of the Assessment while the second was the assessment of the policies and legislation of Zamfara State as it affects gender equality and equity. Scope of the Work As part of the activities for this project, existing Zamfara States’ legislations and policies were assessed with a view to ascertain how they have or could contribute to gender equality in Zamfara State. A detailed assessment of 10 numbers of Laws and policies were analysed. The assessment of states’ policies and legislations was guided by the following: • What the legislation or policy is about and its aim • Whether the legislation or policy considered gender equality or equity • The sections in the legislation or policy where gender equality and equity is considered, captured or implied • Legislation or policy that does NOT capture gender equality and equity • Overall observation to the legislation or policy • Specific sections that require expected to be effected in the legislation or policy. The Laws assessed are summarized as follows: • A law to provide for the establishment Zakat and Endowment, Board and for the matters therewith - ZSLNO:13 (2003) Vol 4 • The Zamfara state compulsory, Free, Universal Basic Education Board Law - ZSLNO:8 (2005) Vol 4 • A law to provide for the Establishment of Zamfara State Agency for poverty Alleviation - ZSLNO:1 (2006) Vol 1 • A law to provide for the Establishment of Zamfara State Mass Education Board and connected purposes 2010 - ZSLNO:3 (2010) Vol 1 • Law to establish hospital service management Board. - ZSLN:3 (2014) VOL 4 • Religious preaching and establishment of Jumat mosques commission law 2003 - ZSLNO:14 (2003) Vol 4 • Pilgrims Welfare Board Law 2003 - ZSLNO:15 (2003) Vol 4 • Zamfara state revenue collection and Administration Law 2016 - ZSLNO:14 (2016) Vol 1 • Zamfara State Hisbah Commission (Establishment) Law 2013 - ZSLNO:17 (2003) Vol 5 • Zamfara state Independent Electoral Commission Law 2008- ZSLNO:10 (2008) Vol1 Findings from the Assessment • The major findings from the assessment showed that most of the operational laws of the state were passed after the declaration of sharia law in the state which may be connected to lack of equity in some of these laws, therefore requires repealing and some inclusions to be in line with international standard • The laws were also passé by the State Assembly without proper consultations with stakeholders, thereby limiting the population contribution. • On policies, there are no written policies in the state. An average head of organization or government agency have policies that have been adopted but have no physical documents of such policies • All proportion of these policies fails to cater for gender balance and equity. Such policies affect all gender but ignores the existence of gender disparity. • Issue of disbursement of Zakat proceeds is generally affecting women and children including caregivers of orphans and vulnerable which the composition of the Board does not cater for the inclusion of women specifically among the directors. This give rise to lack of gender equity • A Board of 14 members but only one slot is specific to women. Therefore, there is need for more women participation in decision making of UBE Board • The Law is silent on gender issues on the composition of the Commission which ought to have consider gender representation for proper administration of election. Details report of the assessment will be published and also made available online soon.

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