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Programming to Increase Role of Women in Logistics Industry

IATI Identifier: KE-RCO-CPR/2009/5689-3208-WIL

Published on IATI
  • date_range Oct 31, 2018 - Oct 31, 2021
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Greater participation of women in an industry helps in improving the gender imbalance and provides an increased talent pool. This is especially true for East Africa’s logistics industry that is experiencing a significant skills gap in its workforce. However, there are constraints that hinder greater and meaningful involvement of women in the industry. This project consists of four pilot interventions that will be fast tracked as a precursor to a more significant and robust programme to address challenges faced by women in logistics. These pilot interventions at firm level are expected to catalyse industry-wide changes that will create a conducive and favourable environment for more women to actively participate in the industry. The programme is anchored on career cycle models that can present holistic solutions to address the challenges that women in logistics face. The programme is expected to lead to an uptake of women in the logistics sector and also provide the industry with a significant new talent pool at a time when the industry is suffering from a major skill gap.

  • Trade facilitation

  • Transport policy and administrative management

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