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Promoting Knowledge of Accountable Systems in Bangladesh (PROKAS)

IATI Identifier: GB-COH-03054929-993
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  • date_range Apr 13, 2015 - Nov 13, 2019
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The Promoting Knowledge for Accountable Systems (PROKAS) programme is a DFID-funded programme managed by The British Council, and its consortium partners the Palladium Group and WISE Development. In Bangla, Prokas means disclose / to express. PROKAS is an innovative fund that will support civil society, private sector and government partners to improve accountability and transparency and to reduce corruption in targeted thematic areas in Bangladesh. It is part of DFID’s Transparency and Right to Information Programme (TRIP). PROKAS will provide grant funding to coalitions of civil society and private sector partners working together on issue-based projects to promote accountability and transparency. Funded activities can include research, media investigations, outreach and advocacy as well as supporting local partners with mentoring and leadership skills, research, relevant experience from other countries, and activities to promote an informed local debate. It will also support capacity building with government to enable them to improve their transparency and accountability. PROKAS features detailed high quality political economy analysis of opportunities and constraints relating to different potential issues and supports issue-based coalitions with common interests which can use their political intelligence to maximise opportunities for change. It will be a flexible and adaptive fund which will identify and fund issue-based initiatives as they emerge and are in line with agreed criteria. Broad-based collective action involves the mobilisation of different groups around shared interests, and is a key way of enhancing the voices of women and vulnerable groups, and addressing gender inequality and social exclusion. PROKAS’ political economy analysis will focus on identifying opportunities (and constraints) for collective action on gender and social inclusion issues, and building issue-based coalitions around these. The programme recognizes the risk that collective action groups and community engagement structures can often exclude certain groups and organisations, and will thus pay attention to providing spaces for them to discuss ideas and develop relationships; building their capacity to engage with others; supporting social movements to engage with government; and supporting campaigning and advocacy on discriminatory policies and practices. PROKAS will also work with government officials and institutions to sensitise them on the needs of women and excluded groups, and to build their capacity to listen to, and integrate their needs into planning and decision-making.

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