Premium Services that meet your data needs

Aidstream is a free service and will always remain free forever. We, however, provide premium services that are not covered by our free plan. Browse through our services below and let us know where would you want our premium support

Aidstream data assistant services


Just heard about IATI & AidStream? Pressing deadline to publish your data? With this service, we’ll set up your IATI Registry/ Aidstream accounts and help you publish your first activities.

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Data entry and migration services


Do you have huge data that you need to publish in a short period? With this service, we’ll migrate data from your existing system (from any format) to AidStream and bulk-publish to IATI Registry.

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Data validation services


Got data quality issues in your data? With this service, we’ll validate your data , prepare a report and provide a set of recommendations to improve quality of your data.

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Ad-hoc data services


Do you need a general service related to your data? With this service, we provide ad-hoc data services related to anything that is very specific to your organisation and your organization’s activities.

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